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Your HealthRX Pharmacy is available for you with tips and advice, over-the-counter medication and many other essential services.

Medication Review Program


Our experienced pharmacists will review your medication and talk to you about your concerns to ensure that your medication is right for you.Many patients on multiple medications may benefit from a medication review. Our experienced and friendly Pharmacist review your medication profile once or twice a year to ensure you are well on your way to a healthy life. 



Medication review :

  • Simplify complex drugs or                       complicated regimens

  • Provides a comprehensive review                         of all your medication

  • Gives you the ability to get answers                     to all your questions

  • Resolves any drug related issues

  • Create a Care Plan to help you                                reach your health goals



Diabetes Support


Come to our pharmacy and our friendly staff can check your blood sugar level free of charge. 


Our certified Diabetes Educators can help you how to controll your blood sugar levels.


We have a good team working with your Dr. for  managing your medication and your health




Getting a flu shot or other immunizations in the HealthRX pharmacy with licensed pharmacist. We offer a convenient immunization service on a walk-in or appointment basis.


Adults need vaccinations just as much as children do. That's why our Pharmacy offers convenient immunization service for adults. Talk to a healthcare professional, including our Pharmacist, about having your own Immunization Record reviewed to determine your individual needs.

Some vaccines may require a prescription.

Age restrictions may apply. Check with our pharmacist for further information. 

  • All vaccine are available: Flu Shot, Shingle vaccine , Pneumonia Vaccine , Hepatitis A and B Vaccination, Travel Vaccination

  • Vaccination on site and flu clinic  is available .Vaccination for business,school and home care facilities are also availble by HealthRx Pharmacy.

  • Intranasal Flu Vaccination (Flu Mist)

  • Publicly funded for qualifying individuals (2 to 17 years of age inclusive)



Blister Packaging

We can help you to get your medication properly. Healthrx pharmacy can make blister pack for you.


Some patient has complicated madicine and some non-adherence to medication.


Call to HealthRX pharmacy and consult with our professional pharmacist .



Smoking cessation program

Smokers are at high risk of Cancer, Heart and Blood pressure, Lungs disease ,Kidney and eyes disease. Our Pharmacist can help you to  chose the best and easier method to quit smoking.

Do you know some product for quit smoking covered in BC ? Take advantage of quit smoking program for BC resident and get healthy.





Pharmacy compounding is the  science of preparing customized medications for patients. 

When  Pharmacist recommend compounding:

  1. Medicine is backordered (manufacture supply problem)

  2. Medicine is not commercially manufactured

  3. Medicine is not available in specific dose

  4. Patient cannot swallow pills or prefer different method of use

  5. Combining two or more medicines for better treat a condition

  6. Medicine contains an allergen or problem-causing excipient



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